Institute Health Training Programme

It’s a must for students to learn the first aid basics such as CPR, handling bleeding and choking, and be ready to encounter all kinds of risk starting from minor incidents to major emergencies that may take place in the school/Institute premises.

The scheme aims to develop and apply deterministic thinking effectively by conducting various educational training programs and workshops at different schools all over the country. This is a non-profit scheme for the development of futuristic generation through a strong fundamental behaviour change, communication and different life saving skill trainings. Therefore, the program will be conducted in a subsidized manner, providing quality education and training through experienced and renowned national faculties from different prestigious organisations at minimal cost proceeds which will be utilized in the development of the scheme. Furthermore, the scheme is aimed to spread Health Education and promotion to each and every organization across the country via intensive training.

Health Education and Wellness provide healthcare strategies service. Centre of Health Education and Wellness looks at the health of a community as a whole, seeking to identify health issues and trends within a population and work with stakeholders to find solutions to these concerns.

Institute Health Training Program Offered Following Activities
Basic First AID & CPRFire safety
Advanced First AID & CPRHealth & Safety Skill-Program
Emergency responder Disaster management
Food safety Sexual harassment
Truancy Institute Safety