Good Touch - Bad Touch

In today’s world, it is imperative for parents to educate their children about appropriate or good and inappropriate or bad touch.

For parents of young children, it is a daunting task.

The good touch – bad touch workshop is designed for children to learn about touch appropriateness in a playful and stress-free environment. It aims to empower children to avoid and report all unwanted advances.

Workshop Structure

  • Correct names of all body parts using pictures.
  • Touch appropriateness in stress-free environment.
  • Types of Good Touch & Bad Touch.
  • Reporting in case of unwanted advances.

Workshop Content

  • Learn to diffrentiate Good Touch from Bad Touch.
  • Learn to object to an uncomfort able situation.
  • Enable children to express their distress vocally.
  • Enable children to raise alarm in case of mishap.
  • Good Touch & Bad Touch

    Know the diffrence between Good Touch & Bad Touch. Know more
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