First-Aid & Emergency Medicine

Advancing civilization in its wake has not only rekindled the calamities of bygone era but also has given birth to new dangers.

This First aid emergency medicine workshop is designed to educate children in the basics of first aid including injuries, bleeding, choking, fainting etc.

It aims to equip children with the capability to manage minor incidents through basic first aid techniques and advanced techniques for older children.

Workshop Structure

  • Disrupting incidents encountered in everyday life.
  • First responder to mishaps.
  • Basic first-aid in various scenarios.
  • Basic life support(CPR) for advanced students.

Workshop Content

  • Maintaining a calm demeanour during a mishap.
  • Learn to act as a first responder.
  • Ability to identify the contents and use first-aid kit.
  • Able to provide CPR in case of emergencies.
  • First-Aid & Emergency Medicine Support

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