Self Defence

This workshop on self-defence aims to children to protect themselves from abuse and bullying. It focuses on strengthening children both mentally and physically and taps their hidden physical strength. Tips about what to do if they are trapped in an undesirable situation shall be included.

With society getting unsafe every minute. It is time to learn more about self-defence techniques. The training will show them some basic self-defence moves that could save them in case of any unannounced dangerous situation.

Workshop Structure

  • Understand psychology of assaulters and behaviour patterns.
  • Equip with physical, mental and intuitive skills to deal with any potential assault.
  • Group self-defence exercise in simulated environment.

Workshop Content

  • Learn to diffrentiate good touch from bad touch.
  • Learn to object to an uncomfortable situation.
  • Enable children to express their distress vocally.
  • Enable children to raise alarm in case of a mishap.
  • Self Defence

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